CMMS that meaningfully connects your building data, and processes, and people.

Without real-time data, building maintenance is fraught with unknowns. Facilio removes the guesswork out of operations and maintenance, bringing power, speed, and data-driven visibility that you’ve come to expect from modern SaaS technologies

Give maintenance teams their time back with automated work processes
Optimizing maintenance based on real-time building data allows companies to move towards continuous efficiency. Facilio’s automation spans the full lifecycle of maintenance and work orders, saving time and improving accuracy—from real-time condition and ML-based triggers to automatic resolution to the preview of complete context & asset history right within work orders. Bonus: Facilio can trigger contextual work orders to your existing CMMS (but here’s why you really need to switch to Facilio )
Condition-based Maintenance
Centralized Alarm Management
Alarm to Work Order
ML-based RCA
Automated Controls
Real-time reporting across equipment, utility, and maintenance—the implications are big
There’s no need to ask multiple teams/people to get key data-driven insights and KPIs anymore—how to benchmark energy usage across sites? Should we repair/replace the asset? Key friction points for occupant discomfort? Now track actuals against budgets, performance against usage, across equipment, across systems, and across sites. A platform that finally puts you in complete control of your building performance!
Operational Command Center
Real-time Reporting
Historical Analysis
Cost Impact
Want to be on top of building conditions before experience is hurt?
In an industry that has traditionally struggled with underperforming systems, there’s no easy way to be on top of building health. And when things break... you scramble to fix in time to meet compliance/reputation. Our turnkey platform offers real-time visibility over your building’s vast array of equipment, assets, and systems — so you can make confident decisions as needed much before issues escalate to showstoppers or equipment wear and tear.
Real-time IoT Integration
Continuous Commissioning
IAQ & Comfort Monitoring
Tenant Billing
Facilities become
future-ready with Facilio

Iconic tower optimizes building resources and
costs with real-time operational intelligence

Future-proof your buildings today